Everything has started a long time ago, more than 15 years ago when Giampiero just turn on a spark on my mind teaching me out some tip & tricks regarding the hacking world. I remember do I felt: impressed by the power of the technology and the respect of a single fucking computer has to you. No questions, no doubts, no complaining, at all. It is always ready to get any command you prefer. If one day you’re passing through in this website, these notes are for you.

My family: they did their best and their capabilities to me in the better way they can and even if sometimes I did not agree with their decisions and nowadays there is some struggle I’m deeply grateful to them.

Silvia, I remember that Cisco course. I was a little bit sceptical but your determination, your understanding me at a deep level it has been revealed a great chance to freak my mind out in terms of beneficial I have got to my destiny.

All of you, in any part you have contributed to the person who I am today, thank you.